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Pre-Nuptial Agreements Australia does not support the use of pre-nuptial agreement kits advertised on the internet and will never offer pre-nuptial agreement kits on this site. There are two reasons for this. First, a binding pre-nuptial agreement requires each party to have their own solicitor review, advise and sign off on the agreement. Most (if not all) solicitors will want to make amendments to the “kit agreement” so as to act in their client’s best interests. Second, kits cannot cover all the complexities that need to be addressed with your solicitor.


Preparing basic information about your agreement before you see your solicitor will save time and money. We provide a checklist below:

  1. A list of your assets, liabilities, resources, entities (companies, trusts, partnerships, businesses), superannuation / pension entitlements. The more detail (including estimated values) the better
  2. A list of your partner’s assets (as per 1 above)
  3. Your employment details (name of employer, your position, your salary and entitlements)
  4. Your partner’s employment details
  5. Your personal details (full name, date of birth, previous marriages (if any), details of any children)
  6. Your partner’s personal details
  7. You and your partner’s intentions with respect to the following matters: division of property on separation; spousal maintenance during marriage and after separation; superannuation; and children
  8. Copies of your last tax return, any valuations of property, last bank statements (bank accounts and credit cards) and entity documentation (eg constitutions, trust deeds, list of officebearers, tax returns, financial statements)