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Pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreement fact sheet

Alison Ross from HopgoodGanim Lawyers published an excellent fact sheet on prenups and cohabitation agreements, covering key questions including: what is a financial agreement? what is involved with a financial agreement? can I go to any solicitor for my financial agreement? How much does it cost? What is the court's approach to financial agreements? You [...]

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SBS Insight – Prenuptial Agreements

SBS Insights program has produced a series of videos and article content about prenuptial agreements. This includes commentary from lawyers who have entered pre-nuptial agreements themselves, and one family lawyer who has decided not to provide these services to clients based on risk. The link is available by clicking here.

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Divorced wife fights prenup in epic high court battle

The case of Thorne v Kennedy will provide guidance about the circumstances in which duress can overturn a prenuptial agreement. This article provides a summary of the case. Stay tuned for the decision later this year!

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HopgoodGanim Lawyers awarded First Tier Family Law Firm in Australia

HopgoodGanim Lawyers has been named Brisbane’s only First Tier Family Law firm, as announced by the 2017 Doyles Guide to the Australian Legal Profession in Leading Family & Divorce Law Firms – Brisbane. The firm’s Family Law Partners also featured prominently in Doyles’ parallel Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Brisbane.  Head of the practice [...]

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