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Helping Australians tie the financial knot

Nobody plans to fail – but a lot of people fail to plan. Since we do not get married with a view to divorce, most Australians do not consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement.

Australian couples can plan their future rights and responsibilities through a binding financial agreement. A financial agreement is a contract entered into between both parties either prior or after the wedding date that addresses a range of issues outlined in the Family Law Act 1975. Cohabitation agreements or de facto agreements are also recognised in Australia that confirm the parties’ non-financial and financial rights when the de facto relationship comes to an end.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements Australia (PNA) was established in June 2000 to develop a free independent information resource and promote greater public awareness of prenuptial and other financial agreements. Unlike legal service providers, we do not spend thousands of dollars on fancy web sites to attract clients. In fact, PNA is not involved with the drafting or finalisation of agreements, nor does it receive a commission for referring potential clients. Should you decide to make an agreement, we have attracted experienced professionals to provide a cost effective service tailored to your individual circumstances.

Do not waste your money on costly pre-nuptial kits or the preliminary advisory services of a solicitor. Pre-Nuptial Agreements Australia is your free information resource for all prenuptial news and views. We understand that a prenuptial agreement does not conjure up romantic images before marriage. But prenuptials have the capacity to promote greater communication and happiness during marriage and it is the PNA team’s aim to promote pre-nuptial agreements (and de facto / cohabitation agreements) as a relationship building and cost effective experience.

Answers to frequently asked questions we have received are covered in our FAQ folder. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the legal service provider in your State or Territory here.